Kindergarten here we come!


on March 6, 2012

We spent a few weeks on an Outer Space unit because we had so much fun! Although, I’m not sure who had more fun, me or the kids! First we created a “starry night” mural, made out of butcher paper, tempera paint, and yellow construction paper. I traced stars and let the kiddos cut them out. Next we made paper plate planets, and more stars to make a 3D bulletin board. The biggest part of this unit was of course the rocket ship. We made this using recycled boxes, butcher paper, and tempera paint. We left the back open so they could play inside. They even decorated it with numbers, buttons, a steering wheel, and planets in the window! They loved playing in the rocket which wasn’t complete without gloves, booties, and motorcycle helmets (sorry hmm.. hmm..”Astronaut helmets and space suits”). I taped a large circle on the floor and a sun in the middle, and then gave my students a picture of a planet, and taught them how to orbit. They thought this was hilarious, and I have to admit, I did too. They reminded me of the Jimmy Dean commercial! We also had fun outside doing “Astronaut Training” where we set up obstacle courses on the playground.

This unit is endless and I keep coming up  with ideas even though it is over 😦


One response to “3..2..1..BLASTOFF!!!

  1. Dad says:

    Nicely done!

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