Kindergarten here we come!

A visit from Lucky the Leprechaun!

on March 16, 2012

We had so much fun this week Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! (Or “French Traffic’s Day” as one of my students called it!) We kicked off the week by making rainbow play dough and as much rainbow art we could imagine! We made Leprechaun masks  and rainbow hats (sorry I didn’t  get a picture). Today was our busiest day though. When we walked in our classroom it was a disaster! The chairs were knocked over, there was glitter everywhere, and then we saw…..Leprechaun tracks!!! We followed them leading us to our trail of gold nuggets, which led to the Leprechaun trap. Did we catch him? The class circled around the trap and lifted it so slowly so he wouldn’t escape, but he wasn’t there. Instead we found a note from “Lucky”. It read, “Sorry kids, but I know fake gold when I see it. You can’t catch me, I’m Lucky the Leprechaun!” We weren’t disappointed though there were more tracks! They led us to the bathroom, where Lucky must have needed to go, because there was green pee in the toilet! Ewwww!!! The tracks then led us to the sink where Lucky washed his hands with soap! At least he has good hygiene! This was all the Leprechaun did, but imagine 10 four-year-old children running around and every mess or paper or crumb they found the rest of the day “must be from the Leprechaun!” We also had a green food taste test. Families signed up to bring a green food, and then we charted which foods we like and disliked. It was a GREAT day, that hopefully the kids will remember!


3 responses to “A visit from Lucky the Leprechaun!

  1. Pop says:

    I cant wait to see what the easter bunny will do.

  2. Pop says:

    you are the coolest teacher ever…………

  3. Uncle Tree says:

    LoL! Green toilet water?
    Is that how they make Chicago’s River green?
    Cheerz to a happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂 Uncle Tree

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